Hi Peeps,

Today’s Quote

“You can’t understand who God is if you don’t want to listen.”



God only makes sense to people who have made the choice to let Him be the center of their lives. In order to get there, we must understand our place in the grand scheme of things. Of course, if you’re focused on self-leadership, the teachings of Christ may seem like a made-up language.


If you want to understand who God is, ask Him. When we come to Him honestly and humbly, He will kindly translate the message in a way that we can understand. But first, we have to acknowledge His sovereignty. When we place Him before ourselves, we can then comprehend His word.

Today’s Question

Have you asked God to help you understand?

Enjoy the reading

Numbers 17

1 Then the LORD said to Moses, 2 “Tell the people of Israel to bring you twelve wooden staffs, one from each leader of Israel’s ancestral tribes, and inscribe each leader’s name on his staff. 3 Inscribe Aaron’s name on the staff of the tribe of Levi, for there must be one staff for the leader of each ancestral tribe. 4 Place these staffs in the Tabernacle in front of the Ark containing the tablets of the Covenant, where I meet with you. 5 Buds will sprout on the staff belonging to the man I choose. Then I will finally put an end to the people’s murmuring and complaining against you.” 6 So Moses gave the instructions to the people of Israel, and each of the twelve tribal leaders, including Aaron, brought Moses a staff. 7 Moses placed the staffs in the LORD ’s presence in the Tabernacle of the Covenant. 8 When he went into the Tabernacle of the Covenant the next day, he found that Aaron’s staff, representing the tribe of Levi, had sprouted, budded, blossomed, and produced ripe almonds! 9 When Moses brought all the staffs out from the LORD ’s presence, he showed them to the people. Each man claimed his own staff. 10 And the LORD said to Moses: “Place Aaron’s staff permanently before the Ark of the Covenant to serve as a warning to rebels. This should put an end to their complaints against me and prevent any further deaths.” 11 So Moses did as the LORD commanded him. 12 Then the people of Israel said to Moses, “Look, we are doomed! We are dead! We are ruined! 13 Everyone who even comes close to the Tabernacle of the LORD dies. Are we all doomed to die?”

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